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Pop Up Shop Creation for Marc Jacobs

Fashion Week 2013 Esteemed Designer Charles Harbison Showcases with Shop Studios Cubes!

Shop Studios display cubes in action at esteemed designer, Charles Harbison‘s Luxury Fashion Week 2013 showcase here in NYC! Our Display Cubes are our most popular rental during Fashion Week. Check out this page: to see more cube, plinth, riser, and platform options for display, fashion showcase and exhibition purposes. Shop Studios is the premiere ...

Sherri Hill Fashion Show at Shop Studios!

Shop Studios designed and hosted this fashion Show here at our Midtown Manhattan Studio. Check out our fashion services page for more information about how we can help you produce a glorious fashion exhibition or show! Check out our Studio space page to view our event space and find out more about how we can ...

Shop Studios Goes to VEGAS!

Shop Studios designed and installed a spectacular event for Victoria’s Secret in Las Vegas, Nevada. Eric Steding and Jacques Rosas designed, constructed, and lit the exhibition, at this site-specific space. We created the exhibition, set, lighting design, call us to find out more about our art/design services and how we can help you produce a fabulous, ...

David’s Bridal at Shop Studios!

David’s Bridal Showroom display at Shop Studios! Hire us to design, construct, create your showroom display or fashion show! We create professionally styled in-store displays for products of all kind from fashion to food.

Shop Studios with Jacques Rosas webseries: 66 Second Sizzle

In order to maintain Shop Studios– we HAVE to buy the building we are currently working in!! This means we need a breakthrough, and our strategy is to get ourselves a reality TV show. Our idea isn’t something that can be stolen OR duplicated. Owner, Jacques Rosas is a fine artist on a mission, leading ...

Fashion Show at Shop Studios!

For this Fashion Show, we provided seating, the space, lighting design, artwork on walls and runway. Need design / decoration, a space, props / furniture, Lighting, or display risers and cubes for your fashion show or exhibition? Call or email us today! 212-245-6154 or email us at