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Shop Studios Sizzle Reel

Click Here to See Sizzle Reel for SHOP STUDIOS!

Fashion Week Venue

ex·pe·ri·en·tial Design

Design, fabrication and installation. ex·pe·ri·en·tial ikˌspirēˈen(t)SH(ə)l/ adjective adjective: experiential involving or based on experience and observation. “the experiential learning associated with employment”

New Sound Proofing, New Black out and New White out

  Create 1000′s of looks with stage as is and with art and sets and props from in house,

Social Networking Set Creation, Inspiration and Installation reaches millions in the snap of a pic!

  Our art and design team can inspire your friends, customers and clients to take a picture and encourage them into reaching out to their own circles.   Our brilliant team of artists is well equipped and adapted to the new digital world where creativity means reaching millions every week, though their hearts,  in a way ...

Summer Set Press event by Shop Studios artisians!

Check out our NEW studio & deck!

Shop Studios is pleased to announce the opening of our NEW 7000 square foot Sky Deck “Right On” Shop Studios!   The outdoor deck is perfect for weddings and events and since its new we have lots of dates available. Additionally we have the 4th Floor Studios that is a white space, also 7000 square ...

Shoots, Shows, Event Spaces, Lofts with full service Art, Prop and Set Shop

Booking gets you a 30% New York State Tax Credit. Shop Studios is a “QUALIFIED” level one Stage


Fashion Show at Shop Studios!

For this Fashion Show, we provided seating, the space, lighting design, artwork on walls and runway. Need design / decoration, a space, props / furniture, Lighting, or display risers and cubes for your fashion show or exhibition? Call or email us today! 212-245-6154 or email us at