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Catering / Food Styling

Events need food. TV sets need food to keep crew and talent happy and energized for long days! That’s why Shop Studios staff includes cooks and bakers to make healthy meals from scratch.

We are a green facility who keeps trash to a minimum. No plastic containers, only real glass and dishware for our clients.

Silverware, and always aesthetically pleasing displays (all of our staffers are also Artists!)

Our In-House Catering package includes home made Lemonade, home made Iced Tea, fresh ground coffee all day with Cappuccino and Machination options, biscuits, whole wheat breads and bagels with spreads, sweet pastries, fruits, yogurt, berries, muffins, fresh baked peanut-butter cookies, fresh baked sugar cookies and oatmeal cookies, cheeses and crackers, and chocolate

Catering also includes at least one staff member to serve food, maintain the food spread throughout the day, cook or bake, clean dishes, and support both crew and talent.

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Contact us to learn more or to reserve the space! | 212-245-6154