Shop Studios designs exhibition at Th

August 16, 2010Jacques Rosas and Eric Steding are well known for stunning exhibition design, photography projects and art. This United Nations installation of Photography featured The Children of Darfur and was to inspire action in Darfur where tribal and religious conflict put innocent children in harmís way. The exhibition, seen here via ALL GOOD NEWS report, is a short tour with interviews about the project. We offer discounted rates for all sorts of services including a space in Manhattan to bring people together to solve problems, inspire action and helpless fortunate.

Shop Studios Community Service organization, GANG GREEN, celebrates 10 years of community service in Manhattan!

May 4, 2007

When we began our business on West 49th Street our entire neighborhood was controlled by drug dealers, criminals and prostitutes. Jacques Rosas, a long time community organizer, and Eric Steding took one look then sprang into action and mobilized some 2000 volunteers, over 10 years, to pick up the slack and demand services from city officials with great success under cool calm leadership provided by Rosas.

In that time the group, working on the West side of Manhattan from 42nd Street to West 59th Street, have pulled together neighborhood watch, planted dozens of trees, shrubs and thousands of flowering plants. With help from two area High Schools and the Fashion Institute students they have painted over thousands of tags and graffiti and replaced it with public art, even organizing a capitol project to light a Hans Hoffman Mural, given away thousands of toys to Children in four Homeless shelters and worked a homeless out reach program to help those stranded on the streets of Hell's Kictchen.. The ad hoc group remains on alert to meet emergency demands like food drives and even sheltered Katrina survivors.

In these ten years the entire West side of Manhattan has benefited dramatically from the work setting a new standard and a better quality of life for everyone. Annual events like neighborhood clean up days, home less out reach, neighborhood watch, toy and food drives continue to make this neighborhood a community to this day.

Jacques and Eric are the founders and thier company Shop LLC has donated thousands of dollars and countless volunteer hours to create a better neighborhood. Thank you to all the volunteers for ten years of community service.

Shop Studios is Commended at Gracie Mansion for Voluntarism!

November 2, 2006

Mayor Bloomberg recognizes Shop Studios for their exemplary volunteer work!

Our CEO, Jacques Rosas, is pictured at left with Mayor Michael Bloomberg (again!), at a picture taken at a ceremony at Gracie Mansion, commending Shop Studios for their excellent volunteer work over the years. Shop Studios, and its executives especially, have a proud history of community service -- one which we will continue to maintain in the years to come.

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NYC Parks Department Congratulates Our Green Gang!

July 28, 2006

Gang Green Urban Gardeners -- founded by our own Eric Steding and Jacques Rosas -- is honored by the Commissioner of the New York City Parks Department!

Adrian Benepe, shown here at left with Shop Studios CEO, Jacques Rosas, honors the work Jacques and Eric have done as founders of Gang Green Urban Gardeners in a special Partnerships Award luncheon ceremony. Executive Director David Rivel and Partnerships for Parks director, Jason Schwartz, were also on-hand to recognize the ten years of community service and excellence in leadership.

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Shop Studios Helps the Anti-Violence Project Raise $70,000!

June 20, 2006

Shop Studios Network's Drama.TV division hosts the latest fundraiser for the Anti-Violence Project, and it's another smashing success!

Diginitaries, business leaders and other of human rights supporters gathered for another spectacular fundraiser for the Anti-Violence Project, a cause we have supported for more than a decade. A dazzling display of color and projections met our invitees, who helped exceed AVP's fundraising goals.

The People of Darfur Need Your Help - Find Out How!

May 15, 2006

Shop Studios continues its appeal for the people of Darfur.

We at Shop Studios have a long history of supporting human rights worldwide and our work with UNICEF last year, donating our services to a recent fundraiser for Darfur, and we urge our clients and colleagues to stand up on behalf of the victims of genocide in this embattled region. To find out more about our work for the UNICEF exhibit and fundraiser, click here -- and, to learn more and support the people of this region, click here.

Over $35,000 Raised on Behalf of Women's Anti-Violence Project!

May 12, 2006

Shop Studio raises money while raising awareness about violence against women!

Shop Studios' creative director, Eric Steding and president Jacques Rosas help the Anti-Violence Project raise over $35,000 over the course of the last year, monies to be used to help raise awareness of issues surrounding violence against women.

The Anti-Violence Project is only one of several philanthropic efforts by Jacques and Eric, with more planned in the near future. Watch this space for more information on upcoming benefits.

Mayour Bloomberg Thanks Our Own Jacques Rosas!

July 21, 2005

Jacques Rosas is personally thanked by Mayor Michael Bloomberg at an event at Gracie Mansion. Jacques was being recognized for a decade's community service on behalf of the City of New York, including neighborhood clean-ups, tree plantings and urban garden cultivation, graffiti removal,public art projects and holiday toy drives for thousands of child in need. The long-time Hell's Kitchen resident is seen in this photo with Mayor Bloomberg and Jacques' visiting nephew, Nick.

All Good News Sponsors "Casino Night" Doe Fund Benefit!

July 13, 2005

More than $35,000 raised at this special event hosted and designed by Shop Studios!

Another benefit courtesy of Shop Studios -- a "Casino Night" hosted and designed by Shop Studios. We show ourselves, like the Fund, to be "Ready, Willing and Able!" to help homeless people find and keep gainful employment.

"Gang green" Cleans Up Community

August 3, 2003

Jacques Rosas and the Gang Green workers have been working continously to improve the conditions of the local community. With support from the New York Sanitation Department and the Mayor's office they have successfully established and contributed to the area's neighborhood watch, graffiti removal, business improvement, and beautification of the area.

Annual Toydrive presented by "Gang green"

December 20, 1999

Gang Green's annual toydrive for underprivlaged children began this year. With the support from "Homes for the Homeless" and "Covenant House" every Christmas Jacques Rosas and Eric Steding orchestrate the drive and perform good deeds throughout whole community.

Promotions for Clean Air and Water

July 21, 1997

Jacques Rosas has been involved with activities to promote clean air and clean water for years to come. He has traveled around the world to help spread the message of enviromental improvement and preservation.

Eric J. Steding, Chief Creative Officer

Eric is a fashion and Fortune 500 favorite when creative direction, art production and lighting are needed to be at the absolute best. Known throughout the world for his stunning museum designs, one-of-a-kind events, world wide product launches, fashion shows and retail widows displays on virtually every exclusive shopping street in the world, he has never disappointed his fans. Steding now is expanding into production design for film, TV and his fans await the next move of Shop Studios' Creative Director and how he will effect Visual Culture and trends around the world.

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Jacques W. Rosas,
Chief Executive Officer,
Editor In Chief

Rosas is known for his keen sense of trend forecasting and anticipating new approaches in multi-level multimedia business models and creating new ways to combine editorial content with commercial performance together. He is also the creator of All Good News and produced documentaries for Webisode. TV and is his friends say "jacques gets one great idea every day". He continues to work on content on a daily basis for this network as well as others.

Rosas has a long history of support and activity in Human Rights and Environmental issues and is a former Campaign Director for Greenpeace. He has taken that experience and his history in the entertainment industry and uniquely applied it to this new business model. Since the long-time campaigner founded Shop LLC in 1997, the company has dramatically changed and grown to reflect the new world of communications.

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