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Large Gold Mirror
Large Gold framed mirror for rental. Its 3 feet by 4 feet - can hang both ways.
Prop Rental / Buy -
Mirrored Containers, Candle Holders
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Dressing room, Green room rentals
Mirror Rental New York Shop Studios Prop Shop
Green room and dressing room rentals, racks, mirrirs, dress forms


gold mirror
Fancy Frame gold mirror - 3 feet by 4 feet - can be hung any way -
White Framed Mirror
White Framed Mirror - It came from an old pub in Hells Kitchen - thus the shape. It is 68 inches long at the widest and 37 inches high. Great prop - can be painted any color!


Shop Studios located in Midtown Manhattan, NYC.
Prop, set, event space rentals for TV / Film and video productions, editorial / publication or commercial photoshoots, product launches and more.
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Bothroom display Set for Rent
Portable Mirror - Gerat for fashion shows or PR events. Silver frame65 inch tall and 20 inch wide.
Large Creatively Brushed Steel Frame Mirror (4'x7') for rent at Shop Studios Set Shop.