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Art Department

Polariod CES 2017
Whitney Biannual 2017

Marko Stout


Lipton Brisk















Dinosaur created for the Natural History Museum

9409872852_2b5eae0d2f_oShop Studios Art department can create, design, build and fabricate any object of art for any purpose of any size in our historic Art Studios.  Call us and tell us what your imagining and we can talk about how to make your idea, conception or design come to life.

The Art Studio is located in Manhattan and has reached historic proportion in size and skill. Artists Jacques Rosas and Eric Steding have created 1000’s of works of art and they have been commissioned for several 1000 more over Shop Studios history that began in 1997.

Jacques and Eric boast some of the worlds ,most successful, famous and important clients from all over the world.

Shop Phone






De Beers Diamonds

IMG_2621 (1)



Shea Moisture



Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese

Art Productions by Jacques Rosas, Eric Steding and Matt Jones

Created for New Orleans ZOO by Shop SGiant Hot Dog Bun created and fabricated for The Meredith Vierra Show at Rock Center




Shop Studios makes original game for justice

Game Wheel for ACLU





Shop Studios art and fabrications

Rocks created by Shop Studios for Calvin Klein


Holiday Decoration, store windows

Art Sculpted BY Shop Studios, created by Jacques Rosas


Window art and installations, fabrications and set designs

Store Window Display by Shop Studios in New York


Jacques Rosas

Window Display by Shop Studios Art and Design.





Good Morning America

Amy with Jacques Rosas Art


Shop Studios props, sets and fabrications

POP ART-Fabrication and Giant prop


1403186_537223966371643_726376315_o1400291_537095919717781_1150976420_o60 Minutes


Jacques Rosas and Eric Steding at Shop Studios hire Jackie Clark and Richard Steding to help

Working at Shop Studios to ready for Holiday Event at Warner Music

Artist Jacques Rosas reached about 10 million eyes a week.

Jacques Rosas Art makes the set for Good Morning America in New York


Easels from the Art Students league are decades and even a century old.

Jacques Rosas and Eric Steding Gallery at the New York Museum of Contemporary Art


Two sculptures by Jacques Rosas

Shot of Jacques Rosas Art Studios and Galleries


19332351calvin 2Located on our first floor is the Art Production Shop where we create, paint, sculpt, build and design for anything you can imagine. Our artists at Shop Studios will custom build anything you need (and can’t find anywhere else)! We’ve built props with two-days’ notice, built stage-sized platforms and delivered them in less than a week. Give us your budget and we’ll help you make the most cost-effective decisions for your needs. We are happy to work with clients with neigh-impossible requests on tight deadlines. Check out a small sampling of our work below, and if you have any questions or need a consultation, feel free to contact us (212) 245-6154

Holiday Window Display

Prop Build

We build props that are any scale with a huge variety of faux finishs.
Custom flying backdrop designed and constructed / fabricated at Shop Studios, Manhattan for Webster Hall

Flying backdrop designed and constructed for Webster Hall

shop studios

Giant Rocks sculpted for Calvin Klein Event

Calvin Klein Set Fabrication - Toy City Designed/Fabricated by Shop Studios -

Prop City designed and built for Corporate Event

shop studios

shop studios

Murals designed and painted for Propel Brand Event

shop studios shop studios

 8-foot tall, fully functioning volcano with smoke AND lava!

shop studios

 Shop Studios Staff working hard!

shop studios

shop studios

Backdrop Painting and Lighting design for a Play

shop studios

Above: A mockup of a design for a theatrical set, and Below: the constructed set.

shop studios

shop studios

shop studios

 Custom fruit cart sewn, sculpted, designed for PR Event

shop studios

Sculpture and Backdrop Painting by Shop Studios

shop studios Square Enix Event Designed and Held at Shop Studios -

Set design / Event decoration for Square Enix

shop studios shop studios shop studios

Set design and Backdrop Painting for Kodak

shop studios

Hand Paint Motif for Kodakv tech

 Custom Painted Cubes for Brand Event

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