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SETS, from our In house art, set and prop shop features cleared art, props and furniture. One stop shop!

The “SHOP,” in Shop Studios is our set shop, art gallery, artist studio and prop shop with furniture, carpets, props, art and our team of artists and designers  can assist and you can hire a set designer or assist too! Book today, email us!  

The New York Museum of Contemporary Art

Exhibition and Marketplace for Art, available  for  SHOOTS,  SHOWS and  EVENTS.   ____________________________________________________________________________ *For scheduled art shows please follow the Museum Facebook page   A   3rd floor: 7500 Square feet 15 foor ceilings. 300 capacity 2 restrooms kitchen ____________ 4 th floor 5000 sqaure feet 13 foot ceilings 150 capacity 3 rrest rooms Greenroom ...

Booking gets you a 30% New York State Tax Credit. Shop Studios is a “QUALIFIED” level one Stage


Shots From Our New Rooftop

Our new location has a 7,000 sq foot rooftop terrace with a 360 degree panorama of Manhattan’s west side. The unobstructed light and picturesque backdrop make this a grand location for your video or photographic needs.    

Montel Williams on Hidden Camera Show at Shop Studios

From the Archives, “Make my Day” Episode 5 “Fashionista” Season 1: Montel Williams walks across a fashion runway built by Jacques Rosas of Shop Studios in our Art Dept. Above: a designer, Alvin Valley and Montel Williams, in the North Rm. of Shop Studios! Below: show subject walks a red carpet and stanchions provided by ...

Shop Studios with Jacques Rosas webseries: 66 Second Sizzle

In order to maintain Shop Studios– we HAVE to buy the building we are currently working in!! This means we need a breakthrough, and our strategy is to get ourselves a reality TV show. Our idea isn’t something that can be stolen OR duplicated. Owner, Jacques Rosas is a fine artist on a mission, leading ...

TV Commercial at Shop Studios! Set design by Shop

Three lovely ladies on-set! Using our plethora of props and fine floral designs, we arranged several sets within our Main Stage / Studio to create the look of many different rooms in one location. We are experienced Set Designers who can create any look or style for your shoot, event, or project! Having fun on-set! ...