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Custom Prop Creation / Sculpture

We can make anything!



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dinosaur prop creation Shop+Studios


prop making



Tombstone IMG_9405rg-850x550IMG_2136



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life guard






custom props


Custom Tennis Racket Doorway for Client.

IMG_5694CONTACT US with your ideas and ask us about ours! We can make anything 2D and 3D for your company.

Shop Studios makes original game for justice

Art Productions by Jacques Rosas, Eric Steding and Matt Jones

Created for New Orleans ZOO by Shop Studios.

Shop Studios art and fabrications

Rocks created by Shop Studios for Calvin Klein





prop making

Custom Furniture Design6990_468759576551416_861373265_n

7335700642_8d024ae1b7_oShop Studios is a full-service art-production Studio in Manhattan, NYC.
 Need a prop for your TV/Film shoot, photoshoot, event or production? We offer you our design services. We’ve built props with two-days’ notice, built display boxes and stage-sized platforms and delivered them in less than a week. Give us your budget and we’ll help you make the most cost-effective decisions for your needs. We are happy to work with clients with neigh-impossible requests on tight deadlines.

Contact us for a free estimate (212) 245-6154

 We have experience working with all kinds of materials, from plaster to paper mache, Neon, wood, paint, fabric– our team of carpenters, seamstresses, master painters, scenic artists and designers can create anything you can dream of!

custom podium

Flying Backdrop Commissioned by Webster Hall. Lights up, and attached to pullies that allow it to be lowered down when needed and flown up when not in use

custom prop maker nyc

custom props
We can create sculptures big and small. Just let us know what you need, and we can create a design and prop that is perfect for you!

Custom Furniture Design NYC

Custom Furniture Design. We can create any style and kind of news desk, custom for your project.

shop studios
Fake money created using Shop Studios’ own original process to produce the most realistic look for TV and film.

giant custom props

Our designers can create props suitable for sitting, standing or dancing on! Just let us know what you need and we will create a high quality prop for you.

sculpture fabrication nyc

Fine art Sculpture fabrication, and large scale sculpture design and construction.

From the smallest details to the big picture, Shop Studios can both design AND fabricate any prop you need

Art Production Shop NYC Shop Studios

Sandcastle and set designed by Shop Studios. Backdrop, arrangement, props all by Shop Studios.

custom props

custom props ny

Giant Mascara brush designed and welded by Shop Studios.

custom props ny

American Flag Custom Sewn by Shop Studios.

custom prop makers nyc

We designed this volcano prop to erupt with smoke AND lava!

Shop Studios volcano prop set design

easter egg props nyc

custom prop creation nyc

In addition to creating props for individuals, Shop Studios is routinely commissioned by companies big and small. Above, we were hired to create props for a corporate press event. Below, the Ritz Carlton Hotel commissioned us to create a sculpture for their facilities.

Shop Studios art and design

Custom Floral Arrangement for any occasion

Cubes, Risers, Plinths, Platforms, boxes— in stock for rent OR custom made for any purpose! Popular for Fashion shoots, showcases, or events. Also great for displaying products or use as stylish seating or tables.

custom platform creation nyc

We can create any size or shape platform you need!

custom platform creation nyc

We create props big and small, using all kinds of materials and styles.

custom props ny

Way Finding Signs are a great way to let people know what’s going inside or around the corner.

custom tree props nyc

Paper Mache Custom Made Tree

custom city props nyc

A prop city created for a PR Event at our Studio Location.

Set Design Prop Rental NYC Shop StudiosAbove, we designed and created a miniature city with a pop, graphic style. Below, we were commissioned by a fine artist to create and install a realistic body structure in a SoHo gallery space.

Contact us for a quote for your unique project! or 212-245-6154

Please note: Payment required in advance and accepted via check, ACH or bank transfer (preferred). Add 5% to quote for credit card payment.