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Paintings for Movies, TV Shows, Set Designs by Jacques Rosas

Fine artwork for rent. Perfect for backgrounds of interviews, stage sets, “art museum” or “art gallery” scenic art or settings for TV and movies.

Need a body of work for a film about an artist? Shop Studios has an entire production shop and artists on staff with many styles to choose from.

art for art gallery scene

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Art for TV set

george zimmerman parents interview

george zimmerman parents

barbara walters kermit

art for tv sets

art for set dressing

art for tv and movies

sharon osbourne children's book

Art for TV and Film

As shown, our artworks are most regularly used to adorn the walls of TV sets for Network News interviews.

Abstract art, realism, all colors and sizes available for any kind of set!

Custom paintings and sculptures created to suit sets that need an extra elegance.

For purchase OR for rent!

paintings for background of tv show

Shop Studios owns all rights to every original, created artwork.

Renting art from us is a no-hassle, direct, with absolutely ZERO possibility of copyright infringement or legal issues as all artwork is completely original.

We can create custom paintings and sculptures for you, too. Call us or email us with any questions or requests!

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