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Renovation revals 20,000 square feet for Shoots, Shows and Events-

4th floor looking at bar. 4th floor looking at Elevators and greenroom doors from bar 4th floor looking at Greenroon and seeing the Bar with stools 4th floor looking South East from bar at Windows 4th floor stage looking South to windows from center 4th floor stages 8 foot side bar on 3, with service for 100. art 4 art 5 art 6 art 11 Art Gallery 1 art Gallery 2 art n7 Beautiful shot of 3rd floor stages Big stage looking south at Windows. Bis Stage, 7500 quare feet, 15 foot ceilings, Convention Center Deck with Skyline looking East Dining with a vew pf New Jersey on Roof Drapes over elevators frabk 2 frabk 4 frank 1 frank 3 frank 5 From Dressing room looking North on 3 FullSizeRender Glam shot of drapes. Hudson Yards Kitchen view l4th floor ooking SouthEast at windows and french doors into SHOP light drapes looking accross teh stage to exit, el;evators North draped. Looking at Silver towers North Looking at Times square., seeing tiles Looking North at Church Looking North from Corner on three into kitchen looking North into Kitchen from west corner Looking South Looking South East at Apartments Lookingh at Husdosn Yards construction twords High Line lookingh South West 3 rd floor, Lounge Chairs looking at New Jersey Roof looking at big wall North Silver Towers frrom far side looking North West Skyline over Times Square South at drapes over elevator doors south west collum Stage looking NORTH 3rd floor STAGE Super White looking out wibdows on 3, South super white stages on 3, drapes, back stage Times Square towers Warm exit to roof on 3 4th cfloot stages looking East Twords windows