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Set Design for Starbucks!

Shop Studios was hired to design and produce this set for a Starbucks press event!

Below gives a glimpse into our design process:

A floorplan of the space is provided to us by Client

Shop Studios uses Client floor plan to design our own layout

Simultaneously, we provide a Design board / presentation that details design elements to be used and includes brief explanation. Typically our presentation is followed-up by a phone conference with the Client to answer any questions, listen to Client feedback and requests, and clarify both of our visions to ensure the best results

Design board / presentation may include sketches, models, samples, photo-references, and any other number of elements in order to convey the design concept. This is phase is customized to every Client and project

An elevation of the concept is created and subject to further Client Approvals

Elevation may be a 3-d model, may be illustrated renderings, and typically accompanied by further written description and Client Approvals

Production Phase begins. After final Client Approvals, all elements are constructed in our own in-house Art Production Shop! We have master painters, carpenters, stylists, florists, and seamstresses on staff to create any and all props and keep costs minimal. We are capable of providing all design and decorative services, so it saves our Clients time and money from searching for specialists in every field. We are your one-stop Art and Design Production Shop!

The final constructed presentation! Installed by Shop Studios, with additional Client requests applied.

All design, mock-ups, elevations, construction, painting, and styling by Shop Studios! Every step of the design process is discussed and approved by our Clients.

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