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Shop Studios is delighted to offer all art production services to clients with budgets large or small. We are an event loft Manhattan studio rental for film, television, photography, and any kind of event imaginable. Shop Studios features an in-house art production workshop and prop shop where we can build, create, and fabricate anything you need.


We are artists, production designers, museum exhibition designers, lighting designers, and event designers, fabric stylists, showroom stylists, fashion show producers, freelance creative directors, floristscaterers, cooks, hosts, everything!


Contact us for a free estimate (212) 245-6154

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Scenic art and wall paintings

Set design, art and scenic.

Art for the Street by Jacques Rosas

Event decor

Shop Studios makes original game for justice

Game fabrication for ACLU

Shop Studios

Shoe Show designing

custom furniture design nyc




Lighting Design by Shop Studios
press launches